All Customers and Suppliers on One Platform – with PunchCommerce One

In B2B commerce, you face the daily challenge of ensuring efficient and smooth order processes for your customers. The key to success lies in a PunchOut connection that allows your major customers direct access to your offerings – without extensive prior knowledge or an in-house online shop.

PunchCommerce One

All Features at a Glance

Punchcommerce One is the solution for your professional B2B procurement management. Our SaaS platform includes everything you need to quickly, easily, and efficiently integrate your suppliers into your e-procurement system.

Creating an Supplier as Buyer
Procurement Gateway
Manage all suppliers you want to access via PunchOut in a clear and simple platform.
PunchOut Gateway
Provide your customers with PunchOut options via cXML and OCI through our central gateway.
Order Processing
Retrieve your customers' orders via a central REST API.
Reporting and Statistics Functions
Analyze the ordering behavior of your PunchOut customers and suppliers in a central dashboard.
World-Class Support
Benefit from our support, we handle the details of the connections - you can focus on your core business.
100% GDPR Compliant
We host PunchCommerce at Hetzner in Germany. You can easily sign a data processing agreement in your account.

Challenges for Corporations

Multiple supplier and customer connections cause high costs

Previous PunchOut systems are costly. Hidden transaction fees, time-consuming setups, and complex functionality regularly drive up your budgets.

Many large companies face challenges when connecting customers and suppliers:

  • Costs: Suppliers and customers are connected individually, often billed on a transaction basis. Not with PunchCommerce One - here you pay a monthly flat rate.
  • Speed: Field mappings and catalogs must be manually coordinated and implemented.
  • Competition: Agile, fast sales processes make customers and your own procurement happy – a strong competitive advantage.

PunchCommerce One: Lean Solution for Efficient Supplier and Customer Management

PunchCommerce One enables efficient PunchOut connections for your suppliers to your SAP system. Our solution reduces unnecessary complexity and focuses on the essentials:

  • Fast Integration: Setup and connect all your suppliers and customers in the shortest possible time.
  • Process Automation: Less manual intervention results in fewer errors in the ordering process.
  • Data Optimization: In-depth data analysis reveals where costs can be saved and order processes improved.

Optimize Your B2B Procurement and Sales Processes

With PunchCommerce One, you can seamlessly integrate all suppliers into your e-procurement system and all customers into your online shop.

Set new standards in your corporate environment and optimize your B2B procurement processes.

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